Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bravely Bold Sir Robin

Hello my Beloved family and friends!

I think I only received one question this week and that was about my apartment. I have thus decided to give a State of the Flat address. Four score and seven years ago there were probably people still living in our flat. In a glorious moment of grace they upgraded slightly with the kitchen and thus we were blessed to enter through its great and rusting doors. Heat is no where to be found in the land. In the morning, when dew gathers upon the windows and nearly seeps through the noninsulated walls my first mate and I curl up in our Rosey blankets around our trusty space heater. We have faced many afflictions which have come in the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, ant infestations, and crazy men who try to tell us their seyances and would sooner gut our insides than listen to the message of salvation we declare to the illustrious town of Dinsdale. Amen.

And, for the sake of those who have complained to me, I will try to refrain from using the phrases of "sweet as," etc...apostates.

Anyways! So, I have some really cool experiences to tell about! First I'll go through all the wonderful spiritual occurences and then I will move into the slightly less interesting tales of Hamilton.

Nia wants to be baptized! Oh man it's so great to see a 275 lb bulk of muscle, who is recently out of prison, bear his testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel. Totally awesome. And I'm not exaggerating about the 275 lbs...holy huge man. But we're also teaching his and Nola's son and he is coming along just nicely. However, as I have mentioned, they need to get married first, so they are working on a date, and the following week, Nia will be baptized like Nacho Libre baby!

Elder McFarland and I had a wonderful opportunity to fast for extra help in finding new investigators. We found some very keen ones. But one of the greatest things about that day was that Mike, who has been very difficult and was really just having us over for philosophical discussions has finally begun to inquire about the gospel. He wanted to know how we prayed and if we believed in prophets (we were under the impression the previous missionaries had spoken with him about that..lame). So we told him how to pray and then we all prayed together with Yours Truly offering the prayer. It was a great experience and it really was a miracle for him to have such a change of heart. HUGE.

We also found this guy named Harry who is the partner of a member's daughter. We had gone to see the member, George Tenweld, but he wasn't at home so we asked if we could meet with him and he invited us in and we taught him about Jesus Christ (he was not a very religious person) and about how our families can be together forever and he just loved it! They recently had a newborn boy (5 months) and he has really been getting into the family think so I think that struck a chord with him.

The next guy was Teina. He is the partner of a less active member who just moved into the ward. But he asked for missionaries and the family loves us. In fact, the less active member, whose name is Chantay, is in love with us. So basically she will make Teina listen. But it's all up to him to accept it and pray to know of the truthfulness of the gospel. PS He is a body builder and seriously has the biggest arms I have ever seen on a human being...

Amy and Reuben are really coming along! We actually were invited to his birthday party on Friday and that was interesting...a lot of dumb questions asked by their family. But they were very nice and it was fun to chat with them for a little bit. But we need to make sure we don't become too close with Amy and Reuben so they still respect us as missionaries and will listen to our message. They are coming to church this Sunday!

Alrighty! So basically I got acupuncture last week. No joke! There is a guy in our ward, Brother Pearse, who does all that weird Oriental stuff. And I was telling him my shoulder hurt (like it does after I throw a football) and he told us to come over. So I got it done! Afterwards he put big suction cups on my shoulder, don't know why, and he left them on FOREVER. So I basically had these huge purple marks on my shoulder for a week and they just barely went away. I have pictures of the marks though so will get a laugh out of it.

And no, I'm not some weirdo now. I just figured it would be a fun experience to tell you guys about and it was really the weirdest thing ever. He even hooked up a stim machine and was running an electric current through the needles. My shoulder was pulsating. Awesome.

And I got to go on a trade off with my ZL Elder Nebeker. Good man. I learned a lot from him about exact obedience and listening to the spirit and planning...basically just everything. He is a great missionary. He's from Willard, UT. He was a dairy farmer back home. Cool, eh? In combination with that he was a skater who played in a band...don't ask me how that works.

I love you all so much! Thanks for all your great emails! Love the stories about everyones week (even though Mom's was all about shopping). I hope you enjoy the emails! This church is true and the time is just going by so fast for me! I love this gospel with all my heart and my testimony has grown heaps since I have come out. The Atonement is for everyone, not just sinners and people outside the gospel. Love you all!


Elder Sethro Thompsonian Jenkinsson

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