Sunday, September 13, 2009


Man oh man this week was absolutely fantastic!

We went to command central after a couple days of orientation by President and Sister Porter, along with the AP's. That's where we do transfers and where I met my companion and trainer, Elder McFarland. He is seriously a great guy! And a hard working, smart elder. He actually is really good with maps and such and he already knows the area! Oh ya--we got double-shifted in so basically neither of us know anyone so we have biking around everywhere (Yes, Mum, the bike is swell) trying to meet people and get referrals.

81% of baptisms and investigators come from referrals! How crazy of a number is that?? Elder Robison was not kidding! And if you see him around tell him I have met Elder Dixon who is now an AP. Anyways! So President Porter said, and I quote, "If you spend 6 hours a day tracting, you are not fulfilling your purpose AND you're stupid." I'm OK with that, eh?

Most of our visits with investigators have been to get acquainted with them and to let them know we are the new missionaries. It has proved to be a bit difficult because many of them are more converted to the missionaries than the gospel...stupid. But they're all great people. We actually had 4 of them come to church! And two of them we didn't even ask them to! How is that for keeping commitments, eh?

Mike and Poi are an interesting couple. What people do here is they just be "partners" because they get paid more by the government than if they were married (Ya, I know, NZ is paying people into isn't it?). Many of our investigators are like that. Many are members too. But they are all great! Mike is really into reading about Hindu and the Yogi(?). No idea who that is, but Mike is one of those people who who believes every religion is good and we all believe in the same God so we're all gonna be saved. It's been hard talking with him and helping him understand because they don't really want to pray or anything like that so they won't even try to find out for themselves if this is the one true church.

Nia just got out of prison and is living with a member, Nola, as her partner. He was in our gospel principles class, yesterday, however, and he has been learning to read so he was doing a great job when he was called on. They're both really nice people and they have been doing great, but they're one of the couples who was converted to the missionaries instead of the church, so we need to do some big renovations.

We're going to visit Amy and Reuben, both nonmembers, tonight around 8. They asked us back when their kids are all asleep. They are only partners right now but have seriously been considering marriage and we're hoping we can help them work towards that.

Paora! He is my absolute favorite. He came to church, the whole block mind you, without us asking him to or even meeting him! He is absolutely stellar and I think we are going to commit him to BAPTISM soon. Oh ya, I said it. Baptism. I'm so excited for him!

I'm doing really well with the accent, I must admit. I'm picking up on how the "a" is pronounced like an "e" and all that. It's really fun! Elder McFarland was even telling me I'm doing quite well so that was a confidence booster. You know, since me speaking with an accent is imperative to bringing others salvation.

I know this church is true. If it wasn't I wouldn't be here. If I hadn't received for myself a confirmation that it is true. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and I love Him with all my heart. Thinking about the Atonement gives me so much strength and it makes me so happy to know that I'm doing what He would have me do. Our prophet is the Lord's chosen seer and he truly receives divine inspiration on how to run the church. Listen to him without failure.

I love you all so much! Thanks for the heaps of emails you sent me, I loved them! I hope everyone is doing well!

Elder Seth Jenkins

P.S. I won't be sending many letters because just a little one is like 3 bucks...stupid. But I love you and will write emails and much as I can! Loves!

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