Sunday, November 15, 2009

Iceberg Goldberg


So basically this week started out really nice, but then plummeted because my body decided that it was going to geek out on me and get sick! But I shall describe the events previous to the illness and maladies.

Basically, Mabel is doing really well and is slowly gaining a testimony. She wasn't able to come to church to my knowledge (I wouldn't know I couldn't go because I was bed ridden) but that was because her brother is in hospital down in Hamilton so she was down there but said she would try to get back for church. It didn't help that we have church at 9. But she will get there. We're trying to get her lots of fellowship so she feels comfortable when she goes. I think her fears about being pushed by the missionaries will slowly dissipate as she comes to realize the truth.

Rex and Kelly-Anne and their family, Maoris that have been taught for ages, are slowly regressing :( We found out that even though they have been taught all the lessons they still don't even have testimonies about the Prophet Joseph or the BOM. So basically, the missionaries before us were just a waste of space and did nothing to help them progress. Fabulous!

But! We found a keen boy named Joseph who we feel could be baptized this month. He has been taught before and would have been baptized but something got messed up when the missionaries got transferred. All good.

And do you remember Nia and Nola from my last area??? They are married now and Nia will be baptized on Saturday!!!! HUZZAH!!!!

So we have some challenges but a lot of good work. We met a girl who lives in a homeless shelter and have begun teaching her and the woman who takes care of her. Katrina and Nan. They are just great and their lives will really be turned around when they embrace the gospel.

So ya, I have been sick and it has been terrible. Basically I have been flat ridden and bed ridden and all kinds of ridden. Doesn't help with putting on the weight, eh?

But basically I'm feeling heaps better today (thank you priesthood) and I should be good to go for this upcoming week. Don't be surprised if we get to baptize several people between now and Christmas. All good :)

Love you! This church is true and I'm so thankful for it!


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